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Terms & Policies
We love our jobs at One Sound, so to help us keep you happy and informed, here are a few of our policies. Please be advised of these policies before booking your session.

Booking Responsibility
- Please only book the amount of time needed. In the event that you need fewer hours than booked, you will still be responsible for entire time booked.

- In the event of tardiness to your session, please be advised that your booked time will not alter. In example, if you book from the hours of 8pm-10pm and you arrive to your session at 8:52pm, your session will have to end promptly at 10pm. Also, parties will still be responsible for the entire amount of time booked- in this case for two (2) hours, $120.

- In the event that any engineer is tardy to your session due to no fault of your own, you will recieve all time back and end at the new altered hour. In example, you booked from 8pm-10pm and one of our engineers starts your session at 8:15pm- your new session end time will be 10:15pm at no addtional discounts.

- No Calls/No Shows will be responsible for the full payment of time booked before the next booking.

- All prepayments are FINAL! If you need to reschedule, we must have 24hrs notice to do so.


- As a courtesy to frequent customers, One Sound Studios may keep project  ProTool Sessions, audio files, etc. This is by all means a courtesy and we do not guarantee the storage of your files and sessions. It is encouraged that all clients bring an external hard drive or jump drive along with them to their sessions to dump all data on.

- Files are usually purged/deleted from our systems within three (3) months of your last booked session. We do this to free up space on our systems, as we record hundreds of songs per day.

  - All clients are able to receive session files for a $30 fee.

Emails/Music Release
- One Sound Studio will send you an email of your recorded music immediately after your session before you walk out of the door. We ask that all email request are asked during your booked session.

- There is a $15 email fee for music that will be sent after or outside of your booked session.

- One Sound Studio will never release your music without your written or verbal consent. Parties requesting music from another act without expressed permission from that act  to One Sound Studio will be denied.

- No Gambling & oh yeah, NO GUNS!!!

- You are subject to be searched at any time.


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